The Legal Amity is a young and curious organisation for legal enthusiasts interested in the legal field. We aim to make learning fun by providing commercial awareness articles with interview and application tips; updates in the law; legal blogs about writers legal experiences and success tricks; as well as, a new segment called 'Insider Info' where we sit down with legal professionals and ask them questions! 

We also hold workshops to enable aspiring lawyers to expand their knowledge and learn new skills! Our second workshop will be taking place soon!

Our Founders Anjni, Priya and Shivani are all working in the legal field, having finished their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. They are joined by a Core Team of 8, 5 Editors, 13 Ambassadors and many writers!

Welcome to TLA where it is our goal to Encourage, Unify and Educate individuals interested in the evolving world of law!     Learn More