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About The Legal Amity

The Legal Amity is a community for legal enthusiasts to explore the latest Commercial Awareness content, interviews, legal blogs and more. We aim to ‘Encourage, Unify and Educate’ others by providing a range of content dependent on their interests.


Our writers create bespoke articles with tips on how to use the information in an application/interview. Alongside this, we conduct interviews with legal professionals to provide an insight into the firm and law in general. We are excited to grow and would love for interested individuals to contribute to The Legal Amity!

The Legal Amity stands on three principles:

  1. Encouragement - We believe that encouraging and helping young lawyers through their journey is vital. We aim to assist young lawyers to achieve their best with advice, mentors and the ability to hone their skills by joining The Legal Amity.

  2. Unity - Law is a competitive and cut-throat field. We, at The Legal Amity, aim to unify law students on one platform where they can learn from and teach each other. As we believe that Law is all about networking and sustaining relationships, we look forward to creating networking and mentoring opportunities in the future to get the ball rolling.

  3. Education - Our Commercial Awareness, Legal Updates and Legal Blog submissions allow students to gain an insight into their interests and learn tips and tricks to make learning convenient and fun.

We hope to widen our community and help legal enthusiasts everywhere! 

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