8 Ways to Stay Busy and Boost Your Employability During Lockdown!

By Anastasia Magnago

Here are 8 ways that you can fill your time over lockdown/summer and develop your skills, experiences and build your network.

Work experience

Yes, it is true that this is currently harder to get as you cannot simply walk into an office and ask for experience opportunities. But there have been other internships such as Legal Cheek’s virtual vacation scheme, Bright Network’s internship experience UK and Interlaw Diversity Forum’s Student Lab Summer internship. Although these experiences/deadlines to apply have passed, be sure to always be on the lookout for other opportunities. Follow careers sites and social media pages (LinkedIn is great for finding things you may otherwise be unaware of!).

InsideSherpa is a great site that offers virtual experience programmes. Law firms such as Linklaters, Pinsent Masons and White and Case all have schemes on offer.


This is a brilliant way to help others and work on your skills at the same time. A great site for opportunities is Do-It.org. There may also be other ways to help your community – reach out to people!


If you’re anything like me then over lockdown you may have been to more webinars than you can count. They are a great way to learn more from experienced professionals. Often, they don’t last much more than an hour and have no requirements to attend, so what have you got to lose?

Get involved with your university

There can be many ways to do this such as by joining a society committee or getting a job where you are employed by your university or students’ union. Although it is not term time, your university may be looking for people to interact with new students before they start or helping them with clearing.

Take up a new hobby or continue an existing one

Now this one may sound obvious, but with the stress of everything sometimes we forget to do things that we once loved. Don’t be afraid to pick an old hobby up again or try a new one.


Numerous competitions are still running during these times. For example, the SCL Sir Henry Brooke essay competition as well as the Bar Council Law Reform one. Also, keep an eye out for commercial awareness related competitions such as the BIUCAC – exclusively for non-Russell group university students. Make sure to check deadlines as some are fast approaching!

Prepare for your next academic stage

Many of us may be uncertain about what the next academic year will hold and what the teaching may look like. Despite this, there is no harm in doing some preliminary reading for your next academic year or course. If you don’t want to buy books just yet in case of changes etc. then it may be a good idea to try a free trial with Perlego or similar online resources.

Stay up to date

Lastly, although this is a difficult time and it can be upsetting to be constantly reading the news or on other social media sites, if you can, it is good to stay up to date. By this, I mean reading/watching/listening to the news. When you do this, you can stay aware of what is currently going on and you can also react accordingly.

I hope this article has helped and inspired you. Although it is good to stay busy over summer, please make sure to also rest, take breaks and spend time with your loved ones.