Additional Support for Councils to Expand for Domestic Violence Victims and Their Children

By Anam Hassan

As of the beginning of October 2020, the government has put forward funding of £6 million to help councils before the introduction of the Domestic Abuse Bill.

This Bill is expected to come into force in April 2021, after its second reading in the House of Lords which is due to be held soon. Once the bill is introduced, victims of domestic abuse and their children will be expected to access support and accommodation which is deemed safe for them.

This extra funding of £6 million will enable councils in England to introduce support for domestic abuse victims and their children who may not be able to gain support from refuges due to their needs not being met. This funding can make sure that before the Domestic Abuse Bill comes into force next year, councils can prepare safe accommodation for those who may need it.

Additionally, the councils can join other agencies, such as the police, to ensure training is given to all staff.

This new Bill seeks to ensure the upmost security of victims and their children and we can only hope these victims feel extra safe due to these new measures coming in.


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