Here’s to the Law Graduates of 2020!

By Alhamra Afroz

Being one of the 'n' numbers of students graduating in the year 2020, I can understand what state of mind you all are in. We all did not imagine that we'll be graduating over our laptops and phones; and with fewer opportunities and jobs, every day is a challenge.

But, by working extremely hard, being up all night before end-semester examinations, participating in moots and debates, and securing internships in big firms, we made it through those incredible (and challenging) 3-4 years of law school! No, we will not complain about the hardship we have gone through as this is what makes us proud when we graduate today.

Though, what makes us anxious is, what's next? We did our part with honesty, hard work, and perseverance, but still many of us find that the word 'graduated' now means 'officially unemployed'. Every time you look for a job the first thing that pops up in the description is “Requirement – prior work experience”. You may not have any and you may not be able to build it this summer; then, you just close the tab and start doubting your self-worth. But there are things I want you to keep in mind.

Welcome to the real world, this is just a new phase and it’s not the end in itself. We have come a long way and have a long way ahead! I believe that this is time given for us to hone our skills on our own! There are lots of things we can do right now – online courses, virtual internships, volunteering, etc, or even just exploring our hobbies. When you are not getting a job, create one for yourself - how about launching an online portal, blog, or a website!

In this process, you are not only building yourself, but when you achieve milestones in these activities you will be proud of yourself for doing it alone. The only quote that matters is ‘BELIEVE IN YOURSELF’. It is not an uncommon saying, because you have already done this at each obstacle so far - when you thought you were not going to clear that jurisprudence paper, but you did clear it anyway because you believed in yourself, sometimes even when no one else did.

So, do it one more time. You will make it. You will get a job. You will see yourself exactly where you imagined. For once stop getting worried by the future and work for today; one step at a time, celebrating small wins and learning with every misstep. Remember, hard and smart work pays off and when it does, it does so with a treasure chest of satisfaction. There will be challenges throughout your life and career. Times and situations will come, exactly how you had not planned it.

This is just a new beginning; you have crossed every obstacle so far, you’ve done your part. Now sit back, revel in the win, and look forward to achieving that career goal of yours! Until then, all the best to the most persevering batch of Lawyers! Here’s to the batch of 2020!


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