How To Expand Your Network As An Aspiring Lawyer During COVID-19

By Swera Kousar

Due to COVID-19, making new connections has become an almost impossible task for some students. This is because face to face meetings and big festivals such as law fairs are now restricted under the new rules. Therefore, many students are facing disappointment and are clueless on how to expand their professional network without meeting experienced lawyers in person. Well, do not worry! Here are 3 tips that can help you expand your network via virtual platforms.


LinkedIn is a great platform that gives you many opportunities when it comes to networking virtually and building relationships. Many students in the UK are taught how to create a professional LinkedIn profile during college. However, due to lack of commercial awareness, students tend to forget about the account they made; they do not consider it important for their professional career. Alternatively, virtual networking has become essential during COVID-19, thus, you may consider making an account.

Once you have made the account, do create a profile that would attract experienced lawyers and top firms. You can do this by filling up the work experience section, skills, and education. Do share interesting events where you participated as this would demonstrate your creativity skills. Establish connections with lawyers, give them a follow, and try to interact with them. Remember, you cannot build relationships just by connecting with them, therefore, demonstrate that you value them and would love to learn from them.


A webinar is a live, web-based video conference that uses the internet to connect the individual (or multiple individuals) hosting the webinar to an audience of viewers and listeners from all over the world. A webinar will give you are the opportunity to interact with professionals and expand your network.

The most professional way to host a webinar is via video conferencing applications like Zoom. They are convenient and are a great platform that enable you to connect with professionals and search for new opportunities without the need to have face to face meetings.


Connect with people on social media such as Instagram and Twitter. Follow people who are at the same age as you, same field as you, and who can help you through your legal career by sharing their networking experience. Create a profile for your business network, and start sharing posts that relate to your field, such as commercial awareness posts. You would want to present yourself as a professional, aspiring lawyer who is willing to make new connections in order to gain more experience in Law. Once you have demonstrated that you are willing to build relationships, many experienced lawyers will reach out to you. Do not miss this opportunity and try to interact with them, this way you will professionally expand your network.

Note: Always start your network from the people you know, such as family or friends. Find people who are in the same field as you and gain more experience by asking them questions that may interest you.


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