How To Spend Your Summer As An Aspiring Lawyer?

By Hannah Frost

It’s summer and you could be in one of two positions.

  • Overwhelmed by everything going on and everything everyone seems to be doing.

  • Completely lost and cannot find anything to do with your time.

Either way, feeling like you aren’t doing the right thing with your summer is a common feeling so I thought I’d provide some things you can do this summer to find opportunities and bolster your CV or just rest, relax and learn something non-law related.

  1. If you are not on LinkedIn and using it regularly get on there and put yourself out there. I spent my entire degree scared of it and sceptical but in the last month of using it, I have found so many opportunities and improved my commercial awareness.

  2. Do an online course on a topic of interest – there are loads of free online courses on EDX and FutureLearn in a range of subjects.

  3. Read a book for fun.

  4. Watch those films you want to watch and those TV series you need to catch up on. It’s okay to not be productive.

  5. Attend webinars on a variety of topics. I enjoy attending webinars and find they can be beneficial for networking purposes and open you up to current issues in the profession as well as areas of law you would not have thought of before.

  6. Virtual internships! InsideSherpa is a great platform for these. Although most are commercial law-related, I have found an Australian Human Rights one which looks like it could be both interesting and beneficial for aspiring legal aid lawyers.

  7. Start a legal Instagram, legal Twitter, or legal blog. This helps to keep engaged in everything going on in the world and provides motivation.

  8. Catch up on sleep.

  9. Learn a language.

  10. Start a new hobby, this could be anything from baking to an extreme sport.

Remember how you decide to spend the summer is unique to you! Do your best not to compare yourself to anyone else as it’s not helpful and it will steal your joy in a time you really should be enjoying!


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