Online Legal Activities to Keep You Busy At Home

By Alliah Castor 


It’s incredibly easy to see the lockdown as an opportunity to take a break from

life. After all, most things have been put on hold; holidays, music festivals, nights



Whilst it is really important to focus on your physical and mental well-being now

more than ever, as law students, we should be making the most of every

opportunity that becomes available to us. And, frankly, activities catering

towards legally minded individuals have become much more accessible now as a

result of things going virtual. 


You’re probably asking yourself: Well, what types of activities are there? 


The types of events available range from webinars, online courses, virtual

internships, legal blogging or writing, etc. The list goes on! There is an

abundance of virtual events occurring as a means of giving prospective or

current law students a chance to still develop their skills, in replacement of in-

person events that have been cancelled or postponed. 

There are various sources where you can find these events, and here’s just a




LinkedIn is not just a place where you find people, it’s a place where you find

opportunities. Through connecting with more individuals within the legal field,

you gain access to shared events, hosted by them or by their connections. The

types of events you will find on LinkedIn vary from webinars hosted by legal

practitioners or trainees, to virtual legal internships. A couple of examples of

legal internships which are heavily advertised on LinkedIn are LawyerUp and

the Bright Network Internship Experiences. 




InsideSherpa is a fantastic website that has virtual experiences from a variety of

leading law firms, such as Pinsent Masons, Linklaters, and White & Case. In these

experiences, you are given ‘modules’, whereby you are instructed to perform a

legal task. It’s a great way to gain an insight into the type of work that is done at

these firms, and also boosts your legal skills as you can compare your work

against an exemplar that the firms provide at the end of a task.


Law schools all around the UK are hosting a plethora of legal webinars at the

moment on varying topics, and unless you are on all of their subscription lists,

the best way to find out about their events is through Eventbrite. Most law

schools will distribute ‘tickets’ to their free events on the Eventbrite website, for

example, BPP has a series of free webinars that you can get tickets for on

Eventbrite. So, instead of spying on every single legal website, try to find legal

events from Eventbrite directly!

Law websites for students


Legal Cheek, The Lawyer Portal,, etc. I’m sure all of these

websites sound familiar to you, they’re great resources for everything law

students may need. But what you may not have known is that they host their

events from time to time. For example, earlier this summer, Legal Cheek hosted

a virtual internship. So, make sure you are on these sites’ mailing lists! 


Online course websites 


Coursera, Futurelearn, Udemy, OpenLearn by The Open University, etc. Whilst

the sites themselves are not tailored specifically to law students; a lot of these

learning platforms have courses surrounding legal topics. This is a great way to

develop your legal education in the comfort of your own home - plus you get

certificates when you complete the courses. 


Of course, these are only a few places where you can access these activities, it is

by no means an exhaustive list. However, by checking these places you will make

a great start in finding experiences that will keep you productive, and help you

learn more about the legal field! I say that’s a win-win!