Online Resources to Sharpen Up Your IT Skills Over Summer

By Liam Bloomer

Summer holidays are a great time to put some work into developing your connections, skills, and experiences, as well as helping your future-self become more employable. This article will take you through some different methods, through which you can keep your brain ticking over and learn some new skills for future applications.

Online and Virtual Internships

There are plenty of websites which offer virtual internships. These can happen in real time or can be completed on your own. An example of a live internship experience includes, which is great for receiving advice and tips from many employees and key companies in the field. It also often includes opportunity to network with other students and even employers over webcam!

Another example of a website offering internships, that you can complete in your own time, is This website offers many programs from a wide range of industries which present you with a number of tasks, to complete in your own time, which you can add to your CV! This is a great idea for students who have yet to secure their placement or work experience.

Free Skills Courses

Free courses are available all over the internet to help you improve your personal skills, or to help you learn new ones! The Open University offers hundreds of free courses on its website ( which you can take full advantage of. You can use these free websites to learn new skills which you didn’t already possess, or take courses on subject areas which you are already familiar with to further develop your skills! This will be great for your CV and applications, since employers will notice that you have taken extra steps to grow your personal development in your own time.

IT Skills

IT skills are essential in many fields of work. In most office jobs, you will be required to put together spreadsheets, PowerPoints and word documents at some point, so why not make yourself as comfortable as you can on these platforms? A lot of courses on applications like PowerPoint and Word require you to make a payment. However, YouTube is a fantastic tool and can make you confident enough to impress an employer!

Employability Tip

This should go without saying but using any, or all, of the resources in this article will give you a boost in your ability to create a great CV, as well as making your application stand out from the crowd.

Times are currently difficult due to a global pandemic, but showing that you have found the time to expand and improve your skills goes a long way in showing a potential employer that you are disciplined and have a thirst for knowledge.

To conclude, how you spend your summer break is your decision. However, if you are determined to develop yourself and your employability skills, then this article should help you get a great start!


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