Open Day or Insight Day Event

By Khadijah Suleman 

An open day, also known as an insight day, is an event designed to provide students and recent graduates with information about the firm. The event allows aspiring lawyers to attend office tours, engage in workshops and presentations, and network with members of the firm. It is an amazing opportunity to learn more about law firms.


  1. Research - Before going to an open day, it is crucial to have background knowledge about the firm as this will enable you to more actively engage in interactive sessions.

  2. Questions - Open days provide remarkable opportunities to ask questions, allowing individuals to access information about the firm that is not available online. This can serve as a bonus during the application process for a vacation scheme or training contract. It is therefore important to prepare questions beforehand (I advise you to check both the relevance of your questions and to whom you’re directing them).

  3. Networking - Use the open day as an opportunity to network with trainees, partners and graduate recruiters. Building a professional network is very beneficial for your future as firm representatives might remember you if you apply later on.

  4. Be enthusiastic - Your facial and body language is important. Smile, shake hands, engage in activities and join in on conversations. This is a great opportunity for you to show the firm why you could be a great candidate for their vacation scheme or training contract. They want to see that you are genuinely interested and that you want to be there.

  5. Notes - Take a notebook and pen with you. Open days can be fast-paced, with a variety of different activities taking place. It is essential to be prepared as you never know when an important point will be mentioned. For instance, firms could advise you on vacation schemes and training contracts, information which could help you when you’re filling out your application form.

To students who are going to attend open days or insight days, these are the five top tips I would suggest implementing in order to make the process smooth and to make the most of the day. You never know where this open day could take you!

Good luck to all!


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