Taking a break during the outbreak: Mental Health during Covid-19

By Lutchmayah Koorlapee

Everyone would have now been accustomed to countless articles aimed at giving advice on how to promote employability during lockdown. From online internships to learning languages, many have written on how to make the most of the additional free time to add valuable experience to our CVs.

In the race to improve our job prospects however, we shouldn’t forget our mental health, our happiness, or simply the need for a well- deserved break. Hopefully, this blog post will bring comfort at a much-needed time and a break from online internships, because we are all doing more than enough.

Games, Games and more Games

Yes, game nights aren’t the same without your friends yelling in your ear, but bringing the fun online is easier than you might expect. For some inspiration, how about some card games, including a version of the infamous, cards against humanity or a fast-paced Spotify guessing game, with the support of an online buzzer. Trivia rounds shouldn’t be forgotten either and a few trivia rounds hosted on Kahoot could well make your night.

For those going solo, indulge in a relaxing (and head scratching) session of sudoku, or begin reading the novel that you keep putting off. The fantasy world it will unlock and the characters you will meet along the way, thank you in advance. Being on the subject, how about a Hogwarts themed escape room?

Movies, Theatre and Art

Of course, it isn’t the season to wrap ourselves in a warm blanket, but a movie night can be just as enjoyable. If you would like to do this in the company of someone, even at a distance, extensions such as Scener and Netflix party allow you to share your screen and watch a movie together. But, if you still want to experience the innocence of “1,2,3 hit play”, then you can do that as well.

Theatre fans would be happy to know that certain theatres have released full recordings of live plays on their YouTube channel such as Macbeth, and the National theatre is exploring new ways of sharing plays online. Museum goers haven’t been forgotten and can find solace in online gallery projects such as the Manchester Museum in Quarantine.

Hobby and Health

If you are an avid gym goer who misses going the gym or someone looking to be more active, why not consider bodyweight exercises at home, some high intensity interval training or Tabata to keep it fun, or even a soul rewarding yoga session.

Equally, invest some time in hobbies, be it learning how to cook or learning a new language. The opportunities are endless, and like me you might even find yourself being mesmerised by an instrument you had never heard of before.

A final word

If you absolutely believe you must drown yourself in hours of work and no force on Earth can convince you otherwise, then at least leave out some time for yourself. Whether it is a walk in the park each week, or treating yourself to your favourite meal, taking care of yourself does wonders and you will feel the benefits across all spheres of your life.

As much as these are hard times, these are also times to build resilience and to find pleasure in the little things. So, pet that dog, take your fifth nap of the day, and take up the hobby you’ve always wanted to. Do things that make you feel alive at a time where we fear for our lives.

If not now, when.


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