The Importance of Not Doing Assignments At the Last Minute

By Tino Makonise

It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming you have ample time to complete your assignments. You may simply place them at the back of your mind. Life goes on as normal until there are less than 72 hours left for submission. However, doing your assignments gradually in the lead up to your deadline may work considerably more in your favour. Here are some benefits to clarify this further:

1) It helps you to establish whether you have understood the allocated task. If you do, you can begin planning the structure of your assignment and the possible resources you will need. At this stage, you do not have to formally start writing your assignment. You can talk to your peers and generate ideas amongst yourselves, which may inspire your final draft.

If you don’t understand something, remember that you have enough time to ask your lecturers for assistance to begin the aim to achieve all of the above.

2) This comes with no added pressure to meet a deadline, which often results in sleep deprivation and sweaty fingers scrambling to reach the word count. It has been found that when people do their assignments at the last minute, they are susceptible to making errors. By simply allocating little goals for yourself, for example, writing 500 words on Monday, another 500 on Thursday and so on, you can manage to get the first draft completed in no time. If you have other assignments, you can turn your attention to them and undergo the same process. You will find that when you reread the first draft with a fresh set of eyes, it will be easier to make adjustments, elaborations and additions to your work. This will subsequently allow you to enjoy the luxury of knowing you have set the basic foundation of the entire assignment.

3) You can manage other events in your life alongside your assignments. By following your daily word limits religiously, you will still be able to partake in other activities and still have free time. You will feel deserving of such a reward for staying ahead of the game. I swear by this benefit! Additionally, this has a positive effect on your mental health as it eliminates the burdening feeling of time pressures that occur with prolonged procrastination.

Having said this, it is worth stating that pre-mature submissions may harm your assignments. You may learn more about the assignment topic in the run-up to your deadline, which could potentially take your grade to a higher level.


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