The life for Clinical Negligence Law after the Covid-19

By Kelly Dixon

It is hard for anyone to predict what’s going to happen to any industry after the virus has

passed. The law is not exempt from this confusion. Naturally, Clinical Negligence is going to be a heavily affected area of law.

People may think that there will be many claims of negligence against various hospitals for the treatment of patients who were suffering from the virus. In the future there may be an overload of cases of people claiming that they experienced negligence because they weren’t tested in time, or they were not tested enough, or they didn’t receive enough suitable advice; or that they were not provided with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). This could open up a huge watershed of claims coming into the courts.

It is not only Corona Virus patients that need to be considered, however. There are many people who were meant to be in the care of hospitals who have been neglected over the course of the pandemic to make way for the victims of the virus. Cancer patients have taken a back seat to victims of the pandemic and have not been getting

the same treatment they were before. People who were meant to have frequent hospital appointments have had to change to telephone appointments, which does not result in the same standard of care as face-to-face treatments would.

Solicitors, Barristers and even judges who work within the Clinical Negligence sector are

likely to receive a lot of work once there is room for people to make legal claims. This is all speculation, of course. It is difficult for anyone to say for certain what will happen in the legal world as a result of the virus.


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