To Stay Informed or to Preserve Mental Health

By Tino Makonise

Studies show that too much time spent scrolling on timelines, be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok - can increase someone’s chances of getting depression, anxiety, fatigue and stress. It’s for these reasons that taking a break from social media is something that is becoming increasingly popular amongst social media users of different walks of life. It allows you to reset, prioritize your self-care with activities you enjoy, physically engage with friends and family and catch up on things that you have been putting off. For law students, this is a move to consider because the law is challenging and stressful by itself and does not need added extras from social media. Studies also suggest that your overall mood should be improved if you abstain from ALL social media platforms for even as little as a weekend (although I would recommend a week as the benefits remain unmatched in my opinion!)

Okay, I’m listening but doesn’t this mean I will be out of the loop?

Yes and expect to experience withdrawal symptoms at first. Computer World stated that social media is designed to be almost as addictive as the first addictive drug you can think off. I say release yourself from these shackles and allow yourself to miss out. So your professional and personal relationships can strengthen. So your self-esteem can heal. So your connection to the real world can mend. You will find other means to stay in the loop such as watching the news, reports from others, but trust me, generally, you will enjoy the oblivion after a while and you will miss it when it is over. After that first initial detox, you will never ask yourself the above question as you prepare yourself for the next.


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