Travelling during COVID and What this Means For You

By Kelly Dixon

A lot of people had to give up their hard earned and well deserved holidays abroad recently due to the epidemic. We have been extremely lucky with the weather we have had. It is not often that we can sit in the garden in England getting a tan. A lot of people are participating in 'staycations' this year; choosing to remain in England for their holidays.

Unfortunately, as lucky as we have been with the weather and as beautiful as England is (especially in the rural areas), it just isn’t the same as having the excitement of going abroad. Who doesn’t love taking that first step out of the airport doors and being hit by that blast of heat?

Given the recent relaxation on lockdown rules, however, there are opportunities to go abroad cheaply that many people are taking advantage of. This begs the question; how do we travel abroad safely and what do we need to do differently?

The government has issued guidelines and advice for foreign travel, all of which are available on the website and is well worth an in-depth read if you’re planning on travelling.

Even though we are currently allowed to travel places, certain countries are not allowing UK residents to enter and some countries that are not allowing any foreign visitors at all. There is a list on the website that has been compiled by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. This list has all of the countries that English residents are allowed to travel to.

To go to some countries, you have to provide a negative COVID-19 result that can only be 72 hours old. For some you need an online checklist filled out to confirm that you have recently tested negative for the virus.

Travelling during an epidemic is understandably a very scary thing and many people are hesitant to do it across the country and local areas. Yet, some people are still going to travel. As long as people follow the guidelines and adhere to local rules, and wear masks where it is necessary and required, people should still be able to enjoy their holidays abroad if they choose to go on one.


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